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Rand Whillock                                                                 


Computer Vision, Sensor and Image processing

  • System development for image based applications, including people detection and tracking, object detection and recognition, UAV video data collection, motion analysis and optical character recognition
  • Sensor interfacing, algorithm development, integration and testing of computer vision systems
  • Engineering in modalities, including grayscale, color, 3D, near infrared, thermal, LIDAR, acoustic and audio

Highlights: Management and technical lead in development of target recognition systems, including an automatic target cueing system that was flight tested. Technical lead on a project to develop and field a video news story screening workstation. Management lead to develop an optical character recognition app for reading glucometers.



  • Design, development, testing and evaluation of biometric algorithms, devices and systems
  • Engineering in modalities, including face, iris, fingerprint, speaker, hand geometry and 3D laser systems
  • Development of systems to detect and defeat biometric devices and systems

Highlights: Program management and technical lead for large biometrics system development teams, including the Combined Face And Iris Recognition System (CFAIRS), which was honored with Honeywell’s highest technical achievement award in 2003. Managed multimillion dollar IARPA funded programs to develop innovative biometric acquisition systems and algorithms. Led multiple biometrics device evaluations under the Biometrics COE program. IEEE Certified Biometrics Professional.


Team Leadership And program management

  • Leadership of multidisciplinary, leading edge technology development teams, leveraging the talents of each contributor
  • Management of program requirements, objectives, budgets, schedules and customer expectations

Highlights: Leadership of numerous government and internally funded programs ranging from two-person teams budgeted with thousands of dollars to large 10+ person teams budgeted with millions of dollars. Government customers included IARPA, DARPA, ARL, NGA, DHS, NASA, TSWG and NIST.  Six Sigma certified.


Business development and proposal Development

  • Customer communications to understand their needs and then formulate innovative programs to meet their requirements within their constraints
  • Formation of multidisciplinary teams, spanning multiple organizations, to produce winning project proposals

Highlights: Proposal team manager for many winning proposals to government agencies and commercial companies for amounts ranging from $50K to $5M. Many proposals required coordination of multidisciplinary teams across multiple subcontractors under tight budget and schedule constraints. Procurement vehicles included: RFP, BAA, RFI, RFQ, IDIQ, Whitepaper and SBIR.


Human Factors

  • System development with a user centered design philosophy
  • Facilitation of user focus groups and “voice of the customer” sessions to gather requirements
  • Design and evaluation of innovative user interface modalities, including cursor control devices, gesture interfaces, eye tracking and speech recognition

Highlights: Developed systems and conducted user evaluations of heads-up displays for pilots and tank commanders. Key architect in design and implementation of a medium fidelity flight simulator to conduct user interface studies with airline pilots. Developed and tested speech interfaces for in-flight radio tuning and thermostat HVAC control.



  • Design and implementation of autonomous and remotely operated robotic systems
  • Implementation of software, electrical and power interfaces for motors, actuators, sensors and communications
  • Software development ranging from low level embedded microcontrol to high level control

Highlights: Built and demonstrated numerous robotic systems ranging from small, autonomous, sensor based line following robots and sumo wrestling robots, up to a 300+ lb. radio controlled battle robot, which appeared on the TV show Robot Wars. Led unmanned aerial vehicle sensor specification team.


Teaching, Mentoring And coaching

  • Technology presentations and training seminars ranging from preschool to adult students
  • Robot and other “fun” technology demonstrations to hook students on science, technology, engineering and math

Highlights: Using robotic demonstrations to inspire students for over two decades. Coach, mentor, and judge for FIRST Lego League robotics teams for over 15 years. Honored with a leadership award from Minnesota High Tech Kids.


Software and Microcontroller Experience

Microsoft Project, Matlab Image Processing Toolbox, Octave, Java, Visual BASIC, C, Pascal, LISP, Fortran, Corel Video Studio Pro, MAGIX Movie Edit Pro, Adobe Premier, Adobe Photoshop, Arduino, BASIC Stamp, OOPic


Creative Expression

  • Glass-working using techniques of glass fusing, slumping, torch-working and glass blowing
  • Videography, editing and production of sports team videos


Employment Experience and Education

Adventium Labs                                                                                                     2014 to Present

Engineer conducting research and development in technical areas of: robotics, computer vision, biometrics, system engineering, system modeling and virtualization.


Whillock Visions                                                                                                     2013 to Present

Conducts training and demonstrations of robots, robot sensor use and programming for school classrooms and other venues.


Honeywell Labs                                                                                                      1981 to 2013

Progressed from student intern to Senior Principal Engineer / Research Scientist. Technical and management leadership of government and company funded research and development programs for a large corporate lab.


MS Computer Science | University of Minnesota: Emphasis on artificial intelligence and computer vision

BS Computer Science | University of Minnesota: Emphasis on computer design and electrical engineering


Additional Information

  • US Citizen, high level security clearances with multiple agencies
  • Author or co-author of numerous papers, 16 awarded patents